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For Turkish version. Even if you were sure that the thief would be caught and punished, would you fall asleep
For English version Hırsızın yakalanacağından ve hak ettiği cezayı alacağından emin olsanız bile, kapınızı kilitlemeden gönül rahatlığıyla uykuya dalar mıydınız?
I think the common and biggest problem of the people of our age, who strive to be productive, is lack
For English Version Üretken olmaya gayret gösteren çağımız insanlarının sanırım ortak ve en büyük derdi vakitsizlik, zaman bulamamak. Kaçımız düşünmedik
For English version Konsantrasyon (dikkati ortak bir merkeze veya hedefe yönlendirmek veya getirmek) eldeki göreve odaklanma sürecidir. Neler yapabileceğimizin bilgisi
Concentration (to bring or direct toward a common centre or objective) is the process of focusing on the task at
A maximum of choice and a minimum of meaning describe quite appropriately many of the situations we found ourselves involved
When it comes to my own cars and motorcycles, I do my best to consume and enjoy what I: A)
In recent times it looks like most of the conversation between bikers end up with the crucial question “How many
I think it would have been easier to write down the differences between Motorcycle Roadcraft and Sufistic knowledge rather than