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Patience is a virtue rarely praised in these fast and selfish times: in family, in business, in friendship and in
Yet, people love and praise bravery! Maybe because they love sentimental things, maybe because we leave in the era of
I humbly join Ted in hoping that reading his blog and his last book “Boiling the Canary” will convince some
people playing poker
If we want to be part of the glorious bunch of risk-takers, the ones always blustering improbable performances we must,
For Turkish version. Even if you were sure that the thief would be caught and punished, would you fall asleep
For English version Hırsızın yakalanacağından ve hak ettiği cezayı alacağından emin olsanız bile, kapınızı kilitlemeden gönül rahatlığıyla uykuya dalar mıydınız?
I think the common and biggest problem of the people of our age, who strive to be productive, is lack
For English Version Üretken olmaya gayret gösteren çağımız insanlarının sanırım ortak ve en büyük derdi vakitsizlik, zaman bulamamak. Kaçımız düşünmedik
For English version Konsantrasyon (dikkati ortak bir merkeze veya hedefe yönlendirmek veya getirmek) eldeki göreve odaklanma sürecidir. Neler yapabileceğimizin bilgisi
Concentration (to bring or direct toward a common centre or objective) is the process of focusing on the task at
A maximum of choice and a minimum of meaning describe quite appropriately many of the situations we found ourselves involved
When it comes to my own cars and motorcycles, I do my best to consume and enjoy what I: A)
In recent times it looks like most of the conversation between bikers end up with the crucial question “How many
I think it would have been easier to write down the differences between Motorcycle Roadcraft and Sufistic knowledge rather than
Before we know it our ICE (internal combustion engine) motorcycles will be replaced by electrics. And not specifically because the
We can as well conduct a frugal life reducing consumption in controlling our sport and hobby. Refusing to buy new
Motorcycling is a human and a social good. It brings us closer to others. It gives us better awareness of
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well-preserved piece”
Dulled attention, dulled conscious attention not only might not save the day on a ride but surely reduces the meaning
The difference between being a fast rider on the track and a safe one on the street. By Ken Condon February
by Keith Code © Motorcycle Consumer News 1997 There are technical points concerning a rider's fear of making either right
by Nick Ienatsch © Sport Rider Magazine 1993  Racing involves speed, concentration and commitment; the results of a mistake are
Toward the end of the Summer, when the first cold and wet weather makes again its presence felt on the
The shortest stopping distance of a vehicle is observed when crashed to a stationary object - only then you realize
Disaster relief officials announced here Tuesday that United Nations aid workers would begin airlifting emergency supplies of adjectives, pronouns and
Reprint from Ride to Work © 2004 - How can I learn how? Riding to work and riding for transportation
A reprint from OMM Bulletin 2009. Interview with Jon Taylor
“I will appreciate anyone who wants to contribute in the Eco Ride discussion” is the last phrase in the piece
My sadness is not only for the decline of specialty magazines as viable businesses, including most of the popular motorcycle
Riders often mention the other senses. Apart from Taste. Now with my appreciation of Smell I would say that I
I tend to favour the novice rider and try to be one. Learning is fun when I embrace my mistakes
By nature one stationary thing can keep it’s balance only and only if it has at least three anchors. Like
Power and Speed are among the main reasons why European riders buy sport bikes: declaration of top HP and Speed
The more practiced and proficient one becomes in a given task and the more complex the task, the greater is
I went to see the Rally Turkey 2020 part of the World Rally Championship and I really enjoyed two days
I had to stop: small stones and grit can transform a morning run into an anticipation of purgatory. Take off
by Andrew 'Wookie' Longshaw (Note from Paolo Volpara) Over the last few months we have been kindly accused of being
Maybe, owning a bike Is source of joy and satisfaction. Not using the bike, because if you don’t ride your
“This should give you five minutes – says the note- from the boredom of Covid confinement” And it persuaded me:
Speed is our guilty mistress; there is no reason for legitimate marriage because society has deemed her an unnecessary and
I do believe that each bike has a separate intangible value that increases my utility in different aspects, ways and
Experience, focused attention, longer vision, better planning and restraint may prevent mistakes and/or reduce the consequences but. .. it could,
We understood that nothing is urgent, not even work and business. Urgency is an infantile way to establish a relationship
I love the concept of TOMM. It gives us ideas about life and how we can relate with motorcycle. A
With games we learn, in the first years of our life, the essentials and the way we play games fixes
The motorcycle market in the world is in recession not because "Corona virus" but mostly because the producers and marketers
So as a Biker who is an Agnostic Flat Earther there is one ultimate Denial that reduces all my learning
In the organizational meeting that established the BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington 29 years ago, one of the stated goals
“It depends” is the answer, now, what’s the question? We were making the simple joke observing riders initiating the first
BALANCE, (the ability to keep an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady) is
I was supporting Mr. Subjective’s (Andy Goldfine) point, saying that “If we want to promote an educated use of two
When a motorcyclist is killed, the reaction of surviving motorcyclists is to form a lynch mob, go after the offending
It seems normal nowadays to wear “technical gear” while riding a motorcycle or a scooter. This was not the case
Riding around the word on a motorcycle is a never ending source of lessons and observations: a good way to
The intensity of the ride keeps brain working fast and the real estate motto comes to life: in choosing a
“Everyone says that Pan European is heavy bike and hard to ride and I always try to explain that weight
"Some bikes are great to ride, and some are just great. These machines are both"... posted two weeks ago the
A recent fourteen minute YouTube video about “How Harley Davidson Killed Itself:” has, at this moment, over 1.62 million views.
Getting your road position, speed and gear right, and trying to see things before they happen. It works for me
Ready to take lessons, while contemplating the bike standing for many weeks immobile on center stand, I kept asking what
If the MIC and the AMA wanted to do something meaningful for increasing awareness of motorcycling and motorcyclists, instead of
I selected to republish without any modifications a 2009 article following the posting of “Be like a fish not like
I was attracted by the strange title of  Simon Mattews piece : what a nodding donkey has to do with
Motorcycling has the advantage of bringing together people from different ages, places, cultures, occupations and interests: when you add the
In recent safety campaigns it has been shown that in an impact speed with a vehicle at 70kph the likelihood
For many of us “Be like a fish ... not like an ant” has become since a regular mantra. It
Not often but it happens: crossing lanes with old friends, husband and wife, people not seen for too many years:
t some point, I let training replace riding and fun. The tool became the aim; having fun should have stayed
By announcing the great find that “ Personal sovereignty is the essential key to understanding how to powerfully connect with
Parallel rides: lateral thinking comparing the way we ride a motorcycle with the way we conduct our life. In this
These are the moments, when the human mind, the most complicated thing in the known universe, is almost fully engaged
With a developed animal brain we are now governing machine that can move us at inhumane speed toward what remains
Finally thinking as always... By saying finally, I am not mentioning as a final step rather than that a final
“Some bikes are great to ride, and some are just great. This is the definitive selection of machines that are
Brain application makes every activity more interesting, safer, and more entertaining: this I learned from Hans Heinz Dilthey and for
searching for vision ahead
Corners. It's what bikes are all about. And along with braking, cornering is the skill that needs to be practised
We want our life to go back, now, getting back to “normality”. It is understandable and compassionate BUT is IT
Any attempt to “go-back-to-how-we-were-before” is an invitation to intellectual laziness, ethical indifference and practical nihilism. The desire to go back
Adapted from Bike U.K© August 1997 "Speed": it does matter what your responsible self says, speed is a key reason
posted by Paolo Volpara Recently  I was gracefully provided for a long weekend with a “top of the range-latest model”
Illusion of competence is an illuminating piecer for the correct acquisition of knowledge. Too often, while approaching what we call
If you have ever read the book "Motorcycle Roadcraft", the fourth chapter has a section about "Riding in Bad Weather".
While biking and training for competent riding, we often talk of the need to cultivate humility together with a sincere
a little humor can lift our spirit in time where the bikes are on the central stand and the desire
This is NOT the time to be doing ... rides for fun. Many of us feel invincible, but things happen
Solo riding
In these challenging times we all rediscover solitude or at least a kind of personal segregation. The Corona virus brings
It all started with a post in Aerostch blog where Mr. Subjective was commenting on the reaction of some “experienced
Travelling is food for the soul and fun for the body: moving into new realities, new languages, new traditions, and
From Paolo Volpara Thinking One More Mile It is a strange situation: communication tools and opportunities grow exponentially and exponentially
by Hakan Erman “I don’t want to talk about training, I do not want to know what to wear, I
From Aytek Sahin and Paolo Volpara Error is a good companion of motorcycling and a faithful partner in our life.
Nowadays the majority of the motorcycles are coming with electronic and mechanical riding aids. From ABS to Hill Holder Assist.
For old riders is a recurring experience. Friends, friends of friends, club members and roads companions die in senseless traffic
Posted by Paolo Volpara At www.brianharke.com you can read that "being present is one of the greatest skill sets you
In February 2017 Mrs. Rachel Caste wrote, for the New York Time, a clear and illuminating article titled “The Age
  Yes, it is too hot for slow riding and, yes, that rider in front of you is too slow
posted by Paolo Volpara There are days, or better, there are hours when everything seems to click at perfection, when
from Hakan Erman Until recently, if you needed to get your bike washed in Istanbul, you had to convince a