The last portion of this blog name “Thinkingomm” stays for “One More Mile” as a commitment to push our process of thinking to touch the limits (sometime very near) of our will and comprehension.

One More Mile is, as well, the name of a group in Turkey founded over 20 years ago by a team of mature bikers with the desire to see interesting places, learn how to ride safely-smoothly-fast and , above all, draw good lessons for life from the time on the saddle. For a voluntary group of riders-thinkers 20 years are an eternity. The founders are now old, some left biking for more worthy activities, some just disappeared and few continue to meet occasionally on and off the road to increase the experience of awareness and knowledge. The new generations in OMM continues the training activity, now turned from peer’s sharing into a pro-business, and simplified the group initiatives to social club life. Like in many groups new directions and new conductions generate likes and dislikes and de gustibus non est disputandum.

One of our editor Fatih Altunkaynak, now living outside Turkey, finds our blog more in line with the original spirit of one more mile and he wtites:

” I always keep my notes online. I use an online platform to keep them organised. For the last seven years I had a large folder of knowledge called OMM. Lately, after coming back from my around the world trip, I realised that this OMM folder was losing it’s importance. The main reason was the diminishing rate of new good riders and the loss of old good riders within the group. Managing or discussing about functions, powers and responsibility is not my idea of motorcycle joy shared with friends.

Muktinath Temple: two around the world in AEROSTICH suits

Meanwhile following Paolo initiative Thinking OMM I created a new folder, underneath OMM, with the same name. Thinkingomm folder is now expanding in a steady speed which not only allows me to digest the new information, but also provides interesting opportunity to contribute.

Today is a milestone for me, and I am taking out the folder from the main OMM one and putting next to it at same level. I will keep the OMM folder for a while and observe, before deciding what to do with it. Sometimes you need such moves like pruning a tree. You remove the old, energy-consuming branches and divert it to the newly growing parts so that the tree lives longer, healthier producing fruits in abundance.

Pruning is what we need to do if we want to improve and expand our life experience. That is the way a human should act if he or she wants to improve life.

to prune: trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.

I love the concept of TOMM. It gives us ideas about life and how we can relate with motorcycle. A good concept for people who put riding motorcycle in good position in their life, for the ones who think that riding motorcycle is more than a sport, a system or a skill: it includes all of this but it should have as well meditating, extracting values, making empathy, acting in an most efficient way for our lives, thus for the ecosystem that we live in.