Join us on the ride 

Motorcycling was a door and we started by crossing it while building friendships lasting for many years. A motorcycle, as any instrument destined to become trash and dust one day, can be used for many purposes: transportation, show-off gadget, tool for sport, team builder or opportunity for meditation and thinking.

Whatever the reason, we tried them all.

Over time, many of the reasons faded away or, better, went in second place while the thinking aspect became more evident and it lasted one more mile.

Riding is a way of thinking” became a mantra and we learned to draw parallel consideration between the way we ride and the way we live. Similarities between the art of riding and the ethic of living were impossible ignore. Riding gave us lessons we applied to our way of thinking and behaving.

And then we started putting down in writing our dialogues and our thoughts, often born between the handlebar and the saddle.

This is what this blog is about: to keep thinking one more mile, to mix ideas from biking with considerations from everyday occurrences , after all “thinking is a way of riding

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