We want our life to go back, now, getting back to “normality”

Give back traffic to the cities
Give back the profit to profiteers
Give back wind-in-the hair to bikers
Give back inequality to the unequal’s
Give back Rolexes to the wrists
Give back walls to nations
Give back indifference to injustice
Give back diets to the fats
Give back lumberjacks to the Amazons
Give back toxicity to the news
Give back yachts to the elite
Give back weapons to the solders
Give back first class to the travellers
Give back confusion to shopping centres
Give back bonuses to the bankers
Give back Ferraris to petrol sheikhs
Give back pride to politicians
Give back famine to the third world
Give back pollution to the globe

Give back death by war, terror, poison, pillage
Give back tyrants, dictators and kings
Give back to all of us normality
Give back our Paradise, Please

From Mr Bikethinker
20 April 2020, time of Coronavirus

2 thoughts on “A Prayer to Go Back or the nostalgia of normality”
  1. You have processed reality with a good amount of black satire and offered it as a slap in the face. It is spot on. Some will like it, some will hate it, some will suck it up and praise it without even understanding, just to butter you up.

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