Up here in the Northern hemisphere it is Autumn.

Now I like Autumn. Others prefer the clear definition of Summer or Winter. [I say that but with each passing year, the blurring of the seasons make these definitions harder. No matter what some in high places may say, the weather is FUBAR]

Now some prefer Spring with the fluffy bunnies, bright colours and some elements of re-birth. I’m more of an Autumn bloke. The slow decay and ending of the year. But it is the slower and subtle changes that I prefer to the headlong rush of Spring. Many will mention the colours of Autumn. And in 2020 it seems to me the colours are more vibrant. Now I’m sure the clever people out there will tell me it is just the weather this year or some such thing, but I don’t care really as it is just beautiful.

So I have been out riding as many miles as I can before the weather or another Lockdown stops my fun. And contrary to what many may say about me, these are slow miles.

Yes I know, bikers only do FAST miles. But no, these are SLOW miles. Like a one-legged snail rushing towards a cabbage patch… and all this because I prefer Autumn.

The smell of Autumn. Now I’m lucky enough to live on the Surrey, Kent and Sussex borders in England. I ride through woods, hills, fields, pass lakes and on to the sea. So by riding slowly and sometimes by just stopping to inhale the smells while watching the world ebb past, the Universe and I connect.

As you breath in the world fills your lungs. I’m not going to give you a biology lesson here [mostly as I’m clueless], but the world and you are now One.

Riders often mention the other senses. Apart from Taste. Now with my appreciation of Smell I would say that I ‘Taste’ what I’m smelling. I’m tasting the earth that has been turned. The hedges that have been cut. The leaves that have fallen and are rotting. The waves crashing against the shore throw up the salt-laden spray. And the then the rain clouds come rolling in. Sometimes mixing up all the gentle contrasts into a pungent heavy perfume. But sometimes when the rain is heavy it washes it all away and later in Autumn when it gets colder, a fresh start greets you in the morning. As you push out the bike to enjoy some more slow miles 

By Aytek