November 2020

For a bit too long I kept blablablaing on second-hand philosophy for life at such a banal level to make the text of Chinese-fortune-cookies look like Socratic dialogues. I had a dream but not the skills: it happens more often than not. It is called presumption or ignorance. And of both I am guilty.

The dream was to open a blog-place to discuss what we learn from the sport that we love: motorcycling. What riding-a-bike can teach to our life. How can we transfer good ideas, habits, behaviours and inspirations from the road to the house, the workplace, the social and personal life.

I should have gone with my friends to dream on the long roads crisscrossing our spectacular planet, spending time on the saddle instead of typing.

Motorcycling is not respoonsible for my failure: it gave and it continues to give good ideas, habits, behaviours and inspirations. I was unable to express all these gifts in something interesting, attarctive and involving.

And when one fails the bset thing to do is to admit failure, understand and accept the reasons for it and move on on something different.

From December 2020 on the will turn into an archive or repository place where I will collect good articles from the over 15 years of One More Mile Group Bulletin: only pieces related to the technique and the necessary skills for competent riding.

Pseudo-philosophical or personal insights will be severely banned.

A great thank and my memory to the few readers and writes that shared with me the dream.

Ride and Think One More Mile

By Paolo Volpara

"Si sta come d'autunno sugli alberi le foglie"

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