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Power and Speed are among the main reasons why European riders buy sport bikes: declaration of top HP and Speed
The more practiced and proficient one becomes in a given task and the more complex the task, the greater is
I went to see the Rally Turkey 2020 part of the World Rally Championship and I really enjoyed two days
I had to stop: small stones and grit can transform a morning run into an anticipation of purgatory. Take off
by Andrew 'Wookie' Longshaw (Note from Paolo Volpara) Over the last few months we have been kindly accused of being
Maybe, owning a bike Is source of joy and satisfaction. Not using the bike, because if you don’t ride your
“This should give you five minutes – says the note- from the boredom of Covid confinement” And it persuaded me:
Speed is our guilty mistress; there is no reason for legitimate marriage because society has deemed her an unnecessary and
I do believe that each bike has a separate intangible value that increases my utility in different aspects, ways and
Experience, focused attention, longer vision, better planning and restraint may prevent mistakes and/or reduce the consequences but. .. it could,