New Year and Mad Run

New year has always been a special day for any person either a believer or not, just because it is a beginning. Haven’t you ever torn away a paper on which you wrote something you felt uncomfortable? New year is the same. It’s a new page.

Mad Run is a call for riders who are just searching for a justification to start the engine and take their motorcycle out in those cold days. It has become a tradition to celebrate the first day of new year by riding. To ride in cold is not the best experience, but for the people who put biking in the center of their lives, it is a meeting with the riders of same thoughts or similar.

This is a choice. One can spend the night by drinking excessive amount of alcohol and spend the next day on sofa laid down. Another person can stop drinking after a couple of beers, sleep and wake up early, dress up for riding and meet with the riders. This event is an opportunity to get healthier, fitter and awake.

This year we raised this call in Krakow where we have just moved 6 months ago, and some bikers responded. We just wanted to continue this tradition in foreign lands as we call them. Around this idea we proved that motorcycle is a great tool to bring different cultures together. We rode through the medieval castles and ended up in this gorgeous view in Poland by promising to meet again.

Tonight, while I am writing down these notes, I have hope of a great community of people who are only interested in riding. Let the new year bring joy to everyone!

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