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It is a strange situation: communication tools grows exponentially.

From SKYPE and FACE BOOK to the myriad of Blogs, Chat Rooms, Free Calls, Conference Calls, Social media, Pictures and Clips sharing areas… life is becoming more and more public, numbers of talks grow, everything we think or we do is immediately available to everybody we choose.

And we complain about lack of privacy but, more important, we often feel isolated as if all this social talking was just for “having” and not for “being”. As if the great questions rotating in our minds were left outside of the great noise.
According to Epicurus, friendship is where human nature is at its best.

Life often takes time from friendship leaving our minds full of questions on fundamental issues. Such questions are often too difficult to tackle on our own and we may choose to ignore them, but don’t go away so easily.

Motorcycling as well, when done in full awareness, rises many questions not least “why are we doing it?”. Furthermore motorcycling places all participants in front of fear as many of the activities where a mistake can cost life. At the base of all fears, the fear of dying put us in contact with the meaning of life, the impermanence of our human achievement, the reasons for being and acting.

Motorcycling is a great door opening to meditation and thinking, the one of serious quality.

This is where good, kind, thinking friendship can be of great help: share the ideas that grow out of good ride, share the observations and thoughts that hit us when facing a challenging situation, share the feeling that we have inside when we put the side-stand down. Most of all share the questions that we carry with us before, during and after a ride.

Discover some answers or just share the challenge of the question.

Maybe is just a metaphysical position, a presumptuous intellectualism, seeing deeper when there is nothing else but a strip of asphalt and an engine… maybe. Maybe not, maybe from using biking as gateway for philosophy is a very practical way to grow, to become better.

This is one of the reasons behind this blog and behind the “ “initiative: to grow, to get better, to see how deep is the rabbit hole and, to paraphrase Matrix, how deep we want to go.

After all, if one think on the other side of old banalities, the social media mania is a return to the good life of the small village, to the warm life of tribe where life was “public”, where everybody knew everything about anybody. Social media bring back some of the “village values” fighting the anonymity of the city life, the cruel disinterest of modern relationship, the planned indifference of material friends.

We want to keep the questions open, we want to present some answers and we want to share the challenge of searching…

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