Riding with Synergy

After I and Tugce moved to Cracow, two months have already has passed. During this time I haven’t ridden any motorcycles other than several used motorcycles that I tested in a car park before buying. Unfortunately they were all in bad mechanical condition. Here there is a sector of motorcycle import from other EU countries. They bring the damaged motorcycles mostly, cosmetically renew and try to trick potential buyers. After several attempts of buying used motorcycles, we decided to buy a brand new motorcycle. Finally we went to KTM dealer and agreed on buying a brand new Duke 790 and decided to ride it sequentially. In Turkey we tested this bike and liked both. Something unusual. Since motorcycles are like clothes, everybody has their own style.

Last weekend I had a chance to ride 150 kms to Tatra Mountains which set the border between Slovakia and Poland. Although the bike was in break-in period it was fun to ride it. But during this period you shouldn’t pass a defined RPM in order not to damage engine. Therefore I thought about using the gears more efficiently not only to ride smoothly but also progressively. I tried to insert this new parameter into my riding and IPSGA system. And after 50 kms I was fully enjoying my ride. That ride proved that riding was a thinking and regardless of the conditions, system was working perfectly.

That ride made me think about riders. There are two types of riders who talk too much. First is the one who talks too much with a smile on face after a progressive and enjoyable ride. Second is the one who owns a motorcycle but doesn’t ride. Just shows up in weekly meetings with his fancy big motorcycle and its accesories.

You should run away from the second. He always knows the best and doesn’t need any self-improvement. First one is full of enthusiasm and is a good friend with his smile. Stay close to him and share what you know and let him do the same as well. 

If you do not insert money or benefits other than accompany in riding, having a group of riders from different point of views will improve the rider’s society. Motorcycle is like an overlay, bringing together the people from underlay. Underlay representing the people from different cultures, and occupations while overlay represents the value added time spent together. A surgeon’s precision combines with a engineer’s technique will create something new and unique. This could be a cultural ride through the historical places or geographical ride on a marvellous route through mountains and valleys. This will bring riding on top of the pyramid of joy.

Use riding as a tool to reach joy and harmony, not fighting the egos.

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