Necessity of Progress

Some people never understand the importance of progress in riding a motorcycle. There can be two reasons. One is the incompetence of the observer, second is the rider who doesn’t want to understand this. If the latter is the case then the problem is more profound. Resistance to learning is in effect.

Staying still is safe according to most of the people. We think that we are in control of everything that are affecting our lives, and we don’t need new unknowns. Because we all know that if we introduce new things to our stationary life, we will start taking risks, and this might end up in sadness, injury or even death… Additionally being stationary is good for most, because you know when things happen along with in what condition and shape.

Think that if there is a divine force, or maybe we call this force as an unpredicted thing, that affects your life suddenly, what will happen? For example without thinking the “other” things happening around you, while you are assuming that you are in control of your life, like commuting to work with the same car, on the same road, an earthquake happens the other day and half of the city dies because of the improperly built houses are all destroyed. How your stationary life will change the other day? This scenario seems like an unreal case but we all know that this can well be a case in an undeveloped (ie. developing) country.

One can change this thing with an approach of continuous thinking and willing to improve. I know this is a hard and tiring quest, it may end up moving to another city or renting a safer but more expensive apartment, but at the end the dinner you eat and the water you drink will never be the same in taste. Because your brain consumed every single calorie you gained from that food because you are thinking!

We born, learn to stand up, and took that first one and a half step and we realized that if we continue doing this we can reach more. Then in the geography lesson, the teacher revealed us the world map, which will someday made us to visit Machu Picchu. Although nowadays this became an issue about “I’ve been to Machu Picchu and this selfie is the picture of evidence”. Anyway, then you meet with the other gender, wow what an endless new source of information according to which you will make plans. You discover and end up in watching your own kid and how your kid learns new things. You realize that he/she is quite different than what you were as a kid, which itself proves that progress never ends.

So why don’t we allow progress be present in our riding like it is present in our whole life? Why don’t we change riding from a risky, scaring and boring activity which can cut our heads off to an activity of thinking.

Isn’t it the same thing about life, while leaning and effecting the balance of the bike to take the corner and accelerating to exit the corner to align your balance to the straight part of the road? At the beginning of this article there was a state with two possibilities. Now we know the importance of thinking and being progressive. With this tool the observer can improve his/her skills to convince the rider in question to be more progressive. The observer now needs to explain being progressive in riding with the words other than classical  “open the throttle till the next curve, read and catch the limit point, lean the bike again do the same thing again…” words. So the problem is now reduced into an observer level problem which is a progress itself.

So think about this, before turning your engine on. Think about what you can improve today. Don’t waste your time, be progressive. Before something or somebody hits you and stops the thinking.

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  1. There was a radio program which was called Looser Clubs. Its motto was ”Allah standarttan ayırmasın” ” God keeps you in a standart.. Ofcourse it is a kind of philosophical meaning and it could be a good discussion topic against necessity of progress.. Hopefully will discuss face to face one day.. Keep in peace and healtfull …

    1. Dear Deniz, we should think, meditate and write about the concept of “progress” as we see it imposed in our lives.
      The necessity for “moving ahead, growing lifestyle, progressing in society, getting better and bigger” often masquerades a greedy search for profit: new models or new improved formula are not sign of progress, simple ways to get more of your earned money.
      We all have, I believe, the responsibility to leave this world a step better than when we came in, but progress should be measured toward humanity and human values.
      You should come into the thinkingomm blog ad contributors with articles for all of us to progress.

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