Streets as Race Tracks?

During a ride, we teach people to use their brains. For example using indicators as they are needed, in other words if there are others who can get benefit from that information. Or consider a case about entering a curve in front of a car driven by a man who is mostly paying attention to his new girlfriend rather than the road itself. You would show him the brake lights of your bike to warn about what’s gonna happen although you don’t even need to brake for that specific moment. That is the information stage which covers all along our motorcycle riding system or anything we do in our lives.

Now how does it sound like to stop at red light in the middle of nowhere where nobody is approaching to the junction or nobody at sight? While talking about thinking, why should you stop? There might be reasons of course, like there could be a camera recording, you might want to use this opportunity to give a brake, or you are just lawful. Does it sound weird, of course not!

This time, let’s think about not stopping. As I said, there is no hazard, just look around a second of while, turn the throttle and move on to the next. Next what? Here comes the point. Next…

The next can be a speed limit sign, again in the desert. It says 90 km/h. But you can see that the straight is tens of kilometers long, the road surface is perfect, you think and say that, why not. Stretch your muscles tight, reshape your body, and accelerate. Cool it is, the 160 horsepower engine is turning into a roaring state from a grumbling state.

Still there is no problem, actually it is now enjoyable to ride a motorbike. Evaluating the potential hazards one by one, accelerating, decelerating, and leaning and accelerating again. Like a computer code running perfectly on a multi-cored CPU.

This type of riding fully depends on your bike’s condition, your concentration and limits, finally the things that you couldn’t expect to happen unfortunately.

School sign comes, and the calendar shows it is sunday. The sign says that the maximum speed is 30 km/h. But you were riding progressively. You didn’t like that, slow down, change the gear, move forward. Instead you talked to yourself and decided just to check around and pass the sign. While your attention was on the sign, you didn’t realized the children just 100 meters after that sign, walking on the side of the road in the curve just after the school, because it was a sunday gathering to walk in the woods, and guess what, the meeting point was the school. An emergency brake at a leaned state, you were lucky and it was a low side, fortunately you slowed down as a rule of thumb at school sign and there happened no damage.

Many of us, like to improve our riding skills including thinking. This is good but comes with a risk. Pushing the limits thus taking more risks. On the other hand how will you improve your skills, without pushing limits? This is not a black or white situation. One can improve his/her skills by pushing the limits carefully, and considering every moment as an opportunity to expect the unexpected. So your observation and planning speed should not exceed your real speed.

Riding a motorcycle means to accelerate, leaning, feeling everything with your senses uninterrupted. Additionally there are race tracks for speeding only. As a responsible bikers, one should understand the difference. If you are about showing your skills, go to the track, they record your lap time, maximum speed, and even some calculate your leaning angle. A track is fully an arena of competition of speed. But the streets, it is the arena of wisdom.

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