Why thinking one more mile?

Years ago a small group of friend got together united by a passion for motorcycling and for touring by bike. From the beginning it was clear that what united the group was not only the passion for riding but more deeply a common desire to be better, to improve ourselves, to grow in our relationships and friendship.

To go further in understanding reality, in relating to the universe, in answering to questions that were ignored by most.

The group has been a good “vehicle to be better” and, as such, some friends remained with us all the way, some other made just few stops, other used the vehicle to reach the point where personal road diverges.

When looking at the experience it is evident that the journey changed not only the ideas but also the life of most of the travellers. Twenty years later we see around us experiences, initiatives, companies, groups and simple deep relationships that would have not existed without the “one more mile” way of thinking and acting.

“one more mile” was and still is exhortation to think deeper, to reach for more, to do better. Maybe a little “on the road” and maybe out of fashion now; still a honest commitment to better riding, better thinking and better living.

We kept an interrupted dialogue between friends, reflecting and meditating on life and on life as seen from the saddle. Biking has been an excuse but a valid one and motorcycling has been all along a good teacher. This dialogue moved with the help of a modest bulletin provoking the mind and the spirit to consider the parallel between activity (riding), knowledge and behaviour. The ONE MORE MILE BULLETIN is now transformed in an open agora for continuing the dialogue in BLOG form

The blog is the fruit of a collaboration between close friends riders as well as curated scripts from international contributors who have established themselves in the motorcycling community. We believe good ideas and knowledge are valuable as long as they are shared and we’ve put this platform together to do just that: inspiring and sharing.

We welcome you to take part in this blog’s journey as thinker, reader, commenter or contributor.

Welcome to thinking one more mile….

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