Riding is a way of thinking and thinking is the way of riding

Today I watched the epic motorcycle flick “why we ride” (link) by Brian H. Caroll for the nthtime. The experience never really fades, triggering a rush to get out and scramble on my now 11 year old bike to feel… something fresh, something real, something that is grounding. In essence a new and fresh breath of air that will never be repeated and to be ever thankful for.

So why do we write (and ride) – why this blog?

Riding may mean something different for everybody, I strongly encourage you to watch the movie to find a glimpse of what motivates and moves you.

I like to think of it as a little more than just an action one can “do”. As we say on our title “we try to think further, during and after the ride”. More on this surely will follow in the posts made on this blog.

The blog is the fruit of a collaboration between close friends riders as well as curated scripts from international contributors who have established themselves in the motorcycling community.

We believe good ideas and knowledge are valuable as long as they are shared and we’ve put this platform together to do just that: sharing good ideas and knowledge.

We welcome you to take part in this blog’s journey as a reader, commenter or contributor.

Welcome to thinking one more mile….

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