Why thinking one more mile?

Years ago a small group of friend got together united by a passion for motorcycling and for touring by bike. From the beginning it was clear that what united the group was not only the passion for riding but more Read the rest

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Who needs the RoboBike?

Nowadays majority of the motorcycles are coming with riding aids. From ABS to hill holders. They are not only aids but also marketing materials to convince a potential buyer, because as in many other industries, the soul part of the … Read the rest

Dark side of motorcycling?

For old riders is a recurring experience.

Friends, friends of friends, club members and roads companions die in senseless traffic circumstances. Dog or deer jumping out of nowhere, vehicles on the wrong side of the road, diesel-fluids-mud-sand on the surface… … Read the rest

New Year and Mad Run

New year has always been a special day for any person either a believer or not, just because it is a beginning. Haven’t you ever torn away a paper on which you wrote something you felt uncomfortable? New year is … Read the rest

Separated From Hands 

posted by Paolo Volpara

Recently  I was gracefully provided for a long weekend with a “top of the range-latest model” motorcycle,  beautiful, efficient, fast and gifted with all electronic gizmo’s.

Brand is not important for our conversation,  it was a … Read the rest

Envy Me

posted by Hakan Erman

Summer is the perfect time to give biking a break. It is too hot and humid for putting on any protection. Roads, destinations, hotels, mechanics are way too crowded and you are guaranteed to be a … Read the rest

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