Necessity of Progress

Some people never understand the importance of progress in riding a motorcycle. There can be two reasons. One is the incompetence of the observer, second is the rider who doesn’t want to understand this. If the latter is the case … Read the rest

“This is it” moments

Posted by Hakan Erman

Lately, I don’t resist to the temptation to watch the latest episodes of my favorite You Tubers, some of which are, of course, long distance motorcycle riders. I used their motivation to get on my own, … Read the rest


As the precipitation of rain rushes from the mountain tops to the river basins, it experiences endless changes along the way. It changes earth by combative moves. This can well resemble our youth when we were trying and experiencing everything
Read the rest

A life in Balance

From Latin “bi-lanx”, a scale with two pans, the word “balance” plays important role in life, in nature and in motorcycling.

The dictionary definition of this simple word introduces the complexity of meanings: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone … Read the rest

This is not for me.

Posted by Hakan Erman

Motorcycles draw attention. Children can often feel that such vehicles are amazing and they show their amazement. Adults are often interested  although they now know well how to hide it.

Bikers are often approached by non-riders … Read the rest

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