As the precipitation of rain rushes from the mountain tops to the river basins, it experiences endless changes along the way. It changes earth by combative moves. This can well resemble our youth when we were trying and experiencing everything
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A life in Balance

From Latin “bi-lanx”, a scale with two pans, the word “balance” plays important role in life, in nature and in motorcycling.

The dictionary definition of this simple word introduces the complexity of meanings: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone … Read the rest

This is not for me.

Motorcycles draw attention. Children can often feel that such vehicles are amazing and they show their amazement. Adults are often interested  although they now know well how to hide it.

Bikers are often approached by non-riders and the two normal … Read the rest

Time of Admiration

I rarely buy motorcycle magazines but… I was flying and I had  local coins left in my pockets and three euros for 240 colour printed pages sounded as a good deal compared with in flight magazines.

This one was not … Read the rest

Do not go back…to basic

Do not go back to basic. Think forward

Bikers, like wolves, live in pack and, like ancient hero, like to build stories and legends.

To do so, one needs to revive memories going through notes and papers, pictures, clips and … Read the rest

Iron Horses / Demir Atlar

Türkçe’si aşağıda…

This topic has always bothered my mind and prevented me from joining motorcycle groups and clubs. Whichever club you dig, you find a hierarchical structure. This is in fact a normal result in a world where human beings … Read the rest

Streets as Race Tracks?

During a ride, we teach people to use their brains. For example using indicators as they are needed, in other words if there are others who can get benefit from that information. Or consider a case about entering a curve … Read the rest

Relax and Dance

(consideration on relaxation in a dialogue with Andy Goldfine)

Parallel rides: a lateral thinking comparing the way we ride a motorcycle with the way we conduct our life. In this case, considerations on the way we occasionally ride and live … Read the rest

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